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News Archive

Kristina successfully defended her dissertation today, and is now the group’s third graduate of the year. Congratulations Dr. Vailonis!

Today, Joseph successfully defended his dissertation and celebrated with a cake made by Shelby. Congratulations Dr. DeJesus!

Congratulations to Kristina on her first-author JACS paper being featured in Science!

Congratulations to Dr. Jenkins on being named a fellow of the Institute for Nuclear Security.

The Jenkins Group bids farewell to Dr. Markus Anneser, as he completes his tenure as post doc and returns to Germany. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Isabel Jensen has joined us as a first year graduate student. Welcome to the group!

Congratulations to Dr. Jenkins for the publication of two papers in ACS Omega!

Congratulations to Shelby Strausser and Dr. Jenkins on the publication of their paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters!

The Jenkins Group welcomes the addition of Dr. Xian Powers as a post-doctoral researcher. We are excited about the skill she will contribute to our research.

We would like to welcome Dr. Markus Anneser as a post-doctoral researcher. We are looking forward to the expertise he will bring to the group.

Congratulations to Joseph DeJesus and Dr. Jenkins on the publication of their paper in Journal of the American Chemical Society!

Congratulations to Dr. Preeti Chandrachud and Dr. Jenkins on publication of their article in the Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry!  We also wish to congratulate Luke Keller and Dr. Jenkins on the publication of their paper in Chemical Communications!

The Jenkins Group would like to welcome Vernon Stafford and Kevin Blatchford as first year graduate students. We wish them well in their doctoral endeavors.

The Jenkins Group wishes to congratulate Dr. Jenkins on the completion of his Scottish Sabbatical, and his return to the US.


Congratulations to Dr. Jenkins on his Scotland Sabbatical!  We wish him the best in his work there.  He will be returning to the US in October for recruitment.
The Jenkins group is currently gaining new lab space.  We are looking forward to moving into the Buehler 214 annex.

Dr. Jenkins received Research and Creative Achievement – Professional Promise Award at 2017 Chancellor’s Honors Banquet. Read More

The Jenkins Group welcomes Shelby Ferman as a 1st year graduate student. We wish her all the best in her work.

Girard Van Trieste has completed his summer REU at UT.  We wish him all the best as he finishes his degree at Shippensburg University

Cover art for the Jenkins Group cover article in the June 13, 2016 edition of Organometallics.

The Jenkins group would like to welcome Taylor Schmit and Gerard Van Trieste to the Jenkins group.  Gerard is an REU summer student and Taylor is an incoming first-year graduate student.  We wish them the best in their time here.

Congratulations to Derek Mull on completion of his MS.  He will be missed.

Congratulations to Lucas Wilkins and Matt Stevens on completion of their BS degrees in Chemistry.  They have been undergraduate researchers in the group and will be missed.

Preeti Chandrachud and Dr. Jenkins have published a paper in Organometallics.  The article was chosen for the cover of the June 13th edition of Organometallics.

Dr. Jenkins and Derek Mull have published a paper in Crystal Growth and Design.

Dr. Brianna Hughes and Dr. David Jenkins publish a paper in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers.

The Jenkins Group welcomes Dr. Gaya Elpitiya as a post-doctoral researcher.  We wish her all the best in her work.

Congratulations to Dr. Brianna Hughes a on completion of her PhD!  Dr. Hughes is the fourth PhD student to graduate from the Jenkins group.  She will be missed.”

Preeti Chandrachud and Dr. David Jenkins publish a review of iron (IV) catalysis in Tetrahedron Letters.

Dr. Alan Cramer and undergraduate Desirae Brakhage publish a paper in Chem Comm.

Dr. Chris Murdock and Dr. David Jenkins publish a paper in JACS on the synthesis of porous Metal-Organic Nanotubes (MONTs).

Dr. Chi-Linh Do-Thanh, Dr. Alan Cramer, Dr. Chris Murdock and Dr. David Jenkins publish a paper in Inorganica Chemica Acta in collaboration with Karl Bernstein and Dr. Jon Camden of the Camden research group.

Lee Ayscue completes his summer REU in the Jenkins group. He will continue his undergraduate work at Hampden Sydney College this fall.

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Murdock and Dr. Alan Cramer on completion of their PhD’s!  Drs. Murdock and Cramer are the second and third PhD students from the Jenkins group.  They will be missed.

Alan Cramer and Preeti Chandrachud publish a paper in Dalton Transactions.

Chris Murdock and Alan Cramer attend ACS national meeting in Dallas. Both gave presentations on their research at the conference.

Chris Murdock and Alan Cramer successfully defend their dissertations.

Chris Murdock publishes a paper in JACS. Read More

Brianna Hughes, Zheng Lu, and Dr. David Jenkins published a paper in Chemical Communications

Christopher Murdock, Brianna Hughes, Zheng Lu, and Dr. David Jenkins publish in Coordination Chemistry Reviews.

Christopher Murdock and Dr. David Jenkins collaborate with Dr. Dai’s research group for a new publication.


Dr. David Jenkins receives the Quest Scholar of the Week from the University of Tennessee.

Heather Bass graduates as the first doctoral student from the Jenkins group. Heather is moving to Danville, Kentucky to teach at Centre College as a visiting professor for a year. Good luck to her in all she does!

Asmita Shrestha finishes her summer as a REU student and continues to her undergrad at the University of the South in the fall.

May 2013
Zheng Lu completes his post-doc and accepts a job position at Halliburton in Houston, Texas.

Heather Bass publishes second paper in Organometallics

Professor Jenkins Received NSF CAREER Award
Read More

Christopher Murdock and Zheng Lu publish paper in Inorganic Chemistry

Zheng Lu and Alan Cramer publish paper in Chemical Science

Jenkins aziridination Highlighted in Angewandte Chemie

Jenkins aziridination catalysis highlighted in article by Dr. Stefan Bräse.

New publication in Synlett

Dr. Jenkins published a Synpacts article about catalytic aziridination with aryl azides and alkenes.

Jenkins Group Aziridination Catalysis Recognized in Organic Chemistry Portal

The Jenkins group’s catalysis research on aziridination was the leading highlight for the 4/23/2012 issue which focuses on C-N ring construction.

Jenkins Group Members attend ACS National Meeting in San Diego

Christopher Murdock and Alan Cramer attended the 243rd ACS National Meeting in San Diego, California. Both group members gave talks about their research while at the conference.

New Publication in Dalton Transactions

Christopher Murdock and Zheng Lu co-authored a paper with Dr. Jenkins to publish about MOFs as reagents.

New Publication in Tetrahedron
Chi-Linh Do-Tanh, Alan Cramer, Zheng Lu, and Dr. Jenkins collaborated with Neelam Khanal and Dr. Michael Best to publish about chloride binding by a polyimidazolium macrocycle.

Alan Cramer Publishes on JACS

Group member Alan Cramer co-authored a paper with Dr. Jenkins that is published in JACS. Read More

Jenkins Group Receives DOE Funding
Jenkins Group recently received funding from Department of Energy.

Jenkins group publishes paper on ACS publication Organometallics. Read More